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Early Years Pupil Premium

What is the Early Years Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the Government to improve the attainment of disadvantaged children.This is based on research showing that children from low income families perform less well at school than their peers. Often, children who are entitled to pupil premium face challenges such as poor language and communication skills, less family support, lack of confidence and issues with attendance and punctuation. The pupil premium is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible, helping to narrow the gap between them and the children in their class.

Are you eligible?

You will be able to claim if you are in receipt of the following benefits:

  • Income support
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Income related employment and support allowance
  • Support under part VI of the immigration and asylum act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of state pension credit
  • Child tax credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190 (please note you must not be claiming working tax credit)
  • Working tax credit run-on (paid for four weeks after a family stops qualifying for working tax credit)
  • Universal credit

If you are not sure about your eligibility please ask Jisola or Kim at Reception

How did we spend the Early Years Pupil premium on 2016-2017

Final report of Early Years Pupil Premium 2016-2017

Click here to see the 2015-2016 Early Years Pupil Premium Report



For free school meals parents/carers can apply online or by calling 020 8314 6221 (10 am-4 pm Monday to Friday). If you qualify schools will be notified by the next working day.