Clyde Nursery and Children's Centre



This policy complies with Section 29 of the Education Act 2002.

At Clyde Nursery School we strive to offer the best possible service to you and your family at all times. However there may be times when you are not happy with something that has happened or you are not sure about something and this policy is here to support you to take the next step. If it is possible, then the first step is to speak to your child’s key person, group or team leader or the class teacher, or leader of the course that you are attending.

If this is not possible, then please come and see Cathryn Kinsey, Head of Centre, or Dimitrios Kontozisis,  Deputy Head to see if issues can be resolved or clarified. If you wish you can put your complaint in writing or simply speak with either of them. If you still feel unhappy with the situation then the next stage would be to raise your concerns with the Chair of Governors, Peter Wood. It is his responsibility to oversee the running of the school and this includes complaint from families and service users. The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the office at Clyde Nursery School. You will need to put your complaint in writing and include your contact details so that she can get in touch. Alternatively you can also speak to one of our parent governors if you would rather speak to another parent/carer. They can also be contacted via the office. All complaints are treated in confidence and taken very seriously, so you can be assured that your letter would reach them and be dealt with. Should you make a complaint to the Governing Body, the Chair of Governors will decide whether to call a meeting with the full Governing Body or the Complaints Panel of the Governing Body. The Chair of Governors (or Clerk to Governors acting on her behalf) would then contact you to let you know what is happening and when you are likely to know the outcome. The panel would consist of three governors and the meeting would be recorded by the Clerk to the Governing Body. Following the meeting, you would then receive a letter summarising your complaint, a summary of the panel’s discussion, the reason for their decision, and any proposed actions and outcomes. If you feel that your concerns are still unresolved then you may wish to take this further and you can contact the London Borough of Lewisham for further advice, or contact OFSTED directly

You can contact Lewisham directly on 0208 314 6000 and OFSTED on 0300 123 4666 or look for more information on