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Children learn best through repetition so if your child enjoys an activity feel free to repeat it as often as they like. Repetition can result in a deeper understanding. We have tried to show ways that activities can be simplified or extended to meet a range of ability levels. All children are different and have different interests. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to do an activity. Just try to do a range from each area of learning and feel free to return to activities from previous weeks. Most importantly have fun. Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves, and if you are happy, they will be happy.

1 March 2021

  • Goldilocks and the three bears. Click here to listen to Kim reading this popular story.
  • Recipe of the week: Hot cross scones. Click here for the recipe.
  • We are going on a letter hunt. Click here to find out more. No resources or expensive toys required.
  • Communication and language: Click here to see how you can make a feely box.
  • Understanding of the world. Make a rainbow activity.
  • Physical Development: Make your own breakfast. Click here to find out what skills children will learn while they make their own breakfast.
  • Personal, social and emotional development. "Things that make us happy".
  • Mathematical Development: How can you support your child's mathematical development when you are shopping? Click here to find out.
  • Literacy. Click here to find out how to make a book. Easy and effective. Children love this activity.

24 February 2021

  • What's in the box activity. Click here to watch Aimee, our Speech and Language therapist talking about the activity. This is designed to develop children's attention and listening skills, a key part of communication and language development.
  • Being imaginative. Children learn to be imaginative by adapting what they already know. This activity takes a story your child will already know and helps them to develop their imagination in a fun and active way. Click here to access the activity sheet.
  • Recipe of the week. Click here to find out how to make Scotch pancakes!


22 February 2021

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a nice and restful half term break. Have a look below to find exciting activities to support your child's learning at home. 

  • Physical development. "The animal Boogie".This activity helps your child’s physical development. Children who get to move their whole body every day are healthier and sleep better. Click here to access it.
  • Mathematical development. Click here to access a range of exciting activities to support your child's mathematical development.
  • Communication and Language. "Feely bag". Click here to find out more. Simple and exciting activity you can do at home. No need to buy and extra toys!

11 and 12 February 2021

  • Story time with Kim. Click here to listen to Kim reading the story of three little pigs.
  • Happy Lunar New Year. Celebrate with this easy to make stir fry recipe. Click here to access it.
  • Sing along "Happy New Year" with this simple and beautiful song. Chinese New Year is a spring festival, celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. It follows the Chinese Lunar calendar, and falls between mid-January and mid-February. The celebrations typically last for 15 days and there are many different ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This children song is written and sung by Nancy Stewart. Visit her site at
  • Letters and sounds Phase 1. Sound discrimination. The aim of these activities are to develop your child’s listening and attention skills, their ability to hear and recognise different sounds. This is a very important skill to develop which will support your child later on with his reading and writing. Click here to access the activity sheet.

9 and 10 February 2021

  • Story time with Carole. Click here to listen to Carole reading "Dirty Bertie"
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the world. Adam is talking about Lunar new year and the year of the Ox. Click here to find out more!
  • Mathematical Development. 5 little sausages. Click here to sing along with Lisa.
  • Creative development: Make a Chinese lantern. This activity will help to support Understanding the World. Children will begin to know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities, and traditions. This activity will also support communication and language, and physical development.
  • Personal social and emotional development: "Portraits using objects" Click here to access the activity.
    This activity helps your child with personal, social, emotional development. You can talk about feelings and also how they view themselves. It also supports them in being creative, and their communication and language.

8 February 2021

This week we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year, which is the year of the Ox.

  •  Story time with Rachel. Rachel is reading "Balloon" by Jez Alborough. Click here to watch the video.
  • Singing time with Lisa. Click here to join Lisa singing "Jelly on the plate"
  • Creative development: Make a Chinese dragon puppet.Click here to see the instructions.
  • Physical Development. These activities aim to develop your child’s fine motor skills. These skills involve the use of small muscles that control the hand fingers and thumb. Developing these skills help children to perform tasks such as buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing, cutting and many more. Click here to access the activities.

3 and 4 February 2021



2 February 2021

1 February 2021

29 January 2021

  • Story time with Eleanor. Click here to listen to Eleanor reading the story "Naughty Bus"
  • Singing time with Maria. Click here to sing along "The big red bus".

27 January 2021

  • Story time with Rachel. Click here to listen to Rachel reading the story "When Martha's away" by Bruce Imogen
  • Singing time with Adam. Click here to sign along one of our children's favourite songs "Five little monkeys".
  • Recipe of the week: Crumpet pizzas. Click here for the recipe.

25 January 2021

  • Story time with Jess. Click here to listen to Jess reading the story "Max the brave" written by Ed Vere.
  • Singing time with Kim. Click here to sing along "Down in the jungle".


22 January 2021

  • Story time and follow up activity with Adam. Click here to listen to Adam reading the story "Washing Line!" written by Jez Alborough. 
  • Click here to access the activity based on the story.

21 January 2021

20 January 2021

Singing time with Carole and Lindita

  • Click here to join Lindita singing the Dinosaur Song!
  • Click here to join Carole singing "Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar"!

20 January 2021

Advice on language development and language development and multilingualism. Click here to download the poster.

19 January 2021

Story time with Kim. Click here to see the video

6 January 2021

Activities to support your child's mathematical development

A simple muffin recipe

Sorting activities-Colour and sound sorting

A simple play dough recipe

9 June 2020

Watch Anansi the Spider Re-Spun, episode one. 15 minutes of pure enjoyment! Click here to access the video.

5 May 2020

There is a great service available from our Educational Psychologist. 

Click here to see what is available for you.

4 May 2020-New activity cards available! Click each link below to access them.

21 April 2020


Click the links below to access the new home learning content. The following activity cards will keep you and your little ones busy and learning will be fun!

And some more ideas...

1. Communication focused activities for parents broken down by age. This is a really excellent play based approach and there's lots of explanation and videos to model it.

2. ​DfE website with some activities broken down by age.

3. Alistair Bryce Clegg has added a home learning section to his blog with some  play activities for you and your child

4. This is a quick video that models how to read and talk about storybooks at home.

5.  A terrific website, which gives lots of ideas around sharing books at home and having fun together.

6. An excellent list of resources from Drumbeat School to support your child at home

7. A virtual visit to the Zoo! Fascintating!

8. Below you will find information on how to aceess community speech & language therapy advice via the Evelina

and  for Occupational Therapy advice and resources

9.Live story time  everyday at 1.30 pm. Please click the link below to access.

For parents...

Click below to find out why your involvement in your child's learning is important

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