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July 2019-Trip to Joss Bay

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This is our annual trip to the sea side.

Marshmallows toasting Day-October 2018

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Children had great time learning how to kindle the fire, keep themselves safe, toasting and tasting marshmallows.

Teddy Bear Picnic-Blue Class-July 2018

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We went for a teddy bear picnic at the local park with our lovely cuddly toys. It was a great way to say goodbye to our friends as they are moving on to their Primary Schools. we will miss them.

A visit to our local parks

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Our first outing for 2018 was a lot of fun. Children had the opportunity to explore the local area and exercise their muscles.Don't forget that we have planned outings for every Tuesday this half term. Talk to your child's keyperson in order to sign up.

It's beginning to look like Christmas

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December 2017. Children had the opportunity to walk around London, see the Christmas Lights and the Christmas Window Displays. What an amazing day it was.

Yummy Scrummy Breakfast in Blue Class-November 2017

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Children and parents had the opportunity to try a healthy breakfast and spend time playing with their children and also looking at their profile books. It was a great success as 99% of parents turned up. A massive thank you to all parents who attended. Stay tuned for more events!

A trip to the river-October 2017

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Children had the opportunity to explore the river side, look at the boats and find out more about their local environment. They saw a clipper, a sailing boat, a police boat and a tug pulling some barges. And at the end we found a great park with a long slide!

Black History Month Celebrations-2018

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Children are learning all about Africa through dancing, dressing and singing. It was a great day!

Stay and Play day-June 2017. It's all about our Senses! (and not only...)

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During this last session of the year, parents and children had the opportunity to explore lots of sensory activities! We talked about the importance of sensory play in children's learning and how activities like these will enable children to be successful learners at a later stage. Click under the News tab to find out more about the importance of sensory play.

Mudchute Farm trip Blue Class 2017

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What an exciting day it was! Children and parents had the opportunity to feed the animals, roll on the hills and play at Island Gardens playground. A very big thank you to all of the parents who came along.

It is a messy messy day! April 2017

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This term's Stay and Play day for our parents and carers was all about messy play! Staff talked about the importance of messy play in the learning process. It was so much fun! Why is Messy Play Important? Messy Play is an important part of early education. If offers many opportunities for learning. In designing a class for young children, it is crucial to foster growth in all areas of development.

Zoolab visit-April 2017

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Zoolab visited our nursery this term. Children had the chance to touch, see and handle a variety of mini creatures. Children became active participants as they discovered the joy of animals and the joy of learning through animals. Have a look at our gallery!

MADGE DAY -March 2017

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Another successful day. The day was filled in with fun, songs and lots of new learning for both parents and children.

Red Class Christmas concert 2016

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Children singing Christmas carols and songs! Pure delight!

Celebrating Black History Month 2016

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Children had the opportunity to dress up in African costumes, listen to music from Africa and play with musical instruments. Parents have also been invited to a story session that was led by Kim.

Breakfast, glorious breakfast November 2016

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Yummy Breakfasts is an amazing opportunity for families and children to get together and enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast. In case you have missed them, do not worry! Afternoon tea will be served soon! Ask your child's keyperson for more info.

F.U.D.G.E Day-February 2016

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Father, uncles, dads, grandfathers and everybody else come to play

M.A.D.G.E Day on a sunny March Day 2016

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Mothers, aunties, daughters, grandmothers and everybody else come and play.

Zoolab visit-April 2016

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Part of our Minibeasts theme, children had the opportunity to experience live creatures and find out exciting facts about them. Our ranger Philip was superb.


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