Clyde Nursery and Children's Centre


Heatwave weather warning letter

Friday July 15th 2022

 Dear everyone,

 Weather warning

 As you will be aware, there is a severe weather warning in place for Monday and Tuesday of next week when temperatures are expected to be above 35°c.  The red weather warning means that population-wide adverse health effects are likely to be experienced, not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat, which could lead to potential serious illness or danger to life. 


Young children cannot control their body temperature as efficiently as adults during hot weather because they do not sweat as much and so can be at risk of ill-health from heat. Heat- related illness can range from mild heat stress to potentially life-threatening heatstroke. The main risk from heat is dehydration (not having enough water in the body).

We are planning to be open on these days and will obviously be doing everything we can to keep the children as cool and hydrated as possible.

If you feel that you and your children will be safer or cooler at home, please stay at home.

 Children will have the opportunity to play with water and we will be limiting how much time they can play outside.

If you do choose to bring your child to nursery, please make sure that they have sun cream on, a hat and cool clothing. You will need to make sure that your child has lots of spare clothes to change into as well.

We will not be running after school club next week.

 Please let us know if you have any questions.